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Waterford Lismore

Lismore is the black and white movie classic of the Waterford range.  One of Waterford’s most recognisable patterns, the world famous diamond and wedge cut is, like Casablanca or Citizen Kane, an undisputed, all-time great.  Think Orson Welles in his Hearst-like guise, slugging a double whisky from an old fashioned tumbler, or Lauren Bacall eyeing Bogey over a hi-ball (don’t try that at home, folks!).  Lismore’s elegant design enhances clarity and creates a unique radiance through the entire range, from the champagne glass to the claret glass to the beautiful carriage clock.  Combining both style and substance, Lismore proves that old style glamour never dates.

Our fave:  The Lismore Roly Poly Tumbler – a tactile, rounded design that sits comfortably in your grateful hand, as you contemplate the delicious hue of your chosen tipple against the brilliance and clarity of the timeless cut that is Lismore.