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Waterford Clarendon

Imagine yourself at some kind of state occasion – chandeliers sparkle, candles burn brightly and the buzz of conversation can only just be heard over the clanking of expensive jewellery and the creaking of corsetry.  The glass you hold in your hand (empty – where is that waiter?) is a Waterford Clarendon Ruby Red Hock wine glass.  A stunning example of the centuries’ old art of coloured glass making, the Clarendon range of hock glass, champagne flute and martini glass showcase the beautiful pattern and contrast achieved by this method, when a crystal bowl is fused with a layer of coloured glass.  And if you’re not expecting an invitation to a royal banquet anytime soon, Waterford Clarendon Ruby Red glasses will lend a regal air to any occasion – they’re especially good as gift for a Ruby Anniversary.

Our fave:  Waterford Clarendon Ruby Red Hock wine glass – dust off that tiara and treat yourself to a tipple!