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Royal Scot Sapphire

Hands up who remembers Sapphire & Steele?  Really, who could forget the incredible number of hairstyles Joanna Lumley got through in just 6 series – did she have shares in Elnett?  Anyway, that has nothing to do with Royal Scot Sapphire glasses, although they are, like La Lumley, stylish, sophisticated and timeless.  A pretty design is cut around the base of the glasses and tableware, giving the range a modern twist.   Royal Scot Sapphire includes wine glasses, whisky tumblers, brandy glasses, high balls and champagne flutes, as well as a square spirit decanter and a wine decanter.  Royal Scot Sapphire comes presented in satin-lined, turquoise gift boxes.

Our fave:   Royal Scot Sapphire brandy glass.  If Sapphire & Steele did need a reviving snort of brandy after all that hurtling through time, we’re sure this would be the glass to deliver it!