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Royal Scot London

Royal Scot London – since its launch in 2003 this stylish cut has been one of our bestsellers, hardly surprising when you consider it’s named after the style capital of the world!  As versatile as the city for whom it’s named, there is a Royal Scot glass for every occasion, from a high ball for a Beefeater’s gin to a tankard for a micro brewery beer.  Royal Scot London also includes a wide selection of tableware and vases, including rose bowls and crystal clocks.  And all Royal Scot London glass comes beautifully packaged in midnight blue presentation boxes – ideal for a pressie!   

Our fave:  Royal Scot London Pint Tankard – just sit back and admire the amber hue of your ale reflected in that lovely cut glass – assuming it’s in there long enough … cheers!


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