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Ritzenhoff Weizen Beer Glasses

Ritzenhoff Weizen Beer Glasses - that’s Draft Beer Glasses, to you and me.  Did you know, to ensure a proper foamy head, you should never wash beer glasses with food dishes, as oil and fat residues can destroy  the foam.  And leave your glasses to air dry, upside down – tea towels can leave lint behind and affect the flavour of your beer.  Top tips.  No need to thank us, it’s all part of the service.  Be warned, they could bring out the collector in you, with stunning new designs coming out every year!

Our fave:  We have to admit, we have a few.  The Ritzenhoff Weizen Beer Glasses are designed by different designers each year and Sibylle Welz in 2009, featuring a fruity fraulien, and Djamila Fierek in 2010, bearing the German toast “Prost”, are two we love.