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Ritzenhoff Seidel Beer Tankards

Ritzenhoff Seidel Beer Glasses are Ritzenhoff’s modern take on the Seidel glass, a traditional Bavarian-style handled tankard.  FYI, Seidel glasses are so named because they hold a Seidel of beer.  Seidel, schmeidel, I hear you say.  But, if you’re single, listen up – it could just change your life … “a Seidel of beer, deftly applied, is enough to mellow the hardest bachelor. If women really knew their business, they would have abandoned cooking centuries ago, and devoted themselves to brewing, distilling, and bartending.” (Prejudices:  Second Series, 1920 (New York:  Knopf).  Cancel that subscription to and stock up on Ritzenhoff Seidel Beer Glasses! 

Our fave:  Ritzenhoff Seidel Beer Glass Julien Chung (Time for Beer) 2014.  Nuff said.