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Ritzenhoff – emphasis on the “ritz” - this renowned German glass manufacturer has been coming up with the goods for over 100 years and has grown from a small family business to one of the most high-tech glassworks in Europe.  In 1992 the company collaborated with a whole host of talented designers to launch a range of drinking glasses that stood out from the crowd with unusual and quirky designs, from leopard print champagne flutes to fairy-themed prosecco glasses.  The range also includes beer glasses and beer mugs.  If Ziggy Stardust had been a glass, he’d definitely have been a Ritzenhoff – cool, colourful and just the right side of crazy.  A great gift idea.

Our fave:      Ritzenhoff Champus Liana Cavarallo 2009 - a leopard print champagne flute – stick on some Rod Steward and break out the bubbly!