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Dartington Tankards

Beer, and drinking it has, quite seriously, been credited with kick-starting meaningful human progress, with all real development having taken place in the last ten thousand years.  Around the time that man started brewing beer.  Coincidence?  We think not.  And to do this liquid gold justice, the good folk at Dartington have designed a range of crystal glass tankards, including the Dartington Torrington Tankard, the Real Ale Tankard, the Falstaff Tankard and, drum roll, please – the Ultimate Pint Tankard.  For true believers, these tankards deliver the full flavour of beers and ales (and, yes, lagers too).  Once you’ve supped from a Dartington Crystal Tankard, nothing else will do.  Makes you appreciate why the ancient Beaker people were buried with their beer mugs!  All Dartington Crystal Tankards come gift-boxed.


Our fave:  Dartington Falstaff Tankard – pop on your doublet and hose and pour yourself a pint!