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Dartington Dimple

Another iconic design from the legendary Frank Thrower, Dartington Dimple glasses are handcrafted from molten lead crystal that is mouth blown into moulds to achieve the tactile dimpled base.  Reassuringly weighty, Dimple is a glass with gravitas, a glass of distinction - from highball to whisky tumbler and shot glass.  A glass over which matters of state are discussed and in which a single malt is swirled as Bond is given his next mission.  A glass held firmly in the stout hand of a Churchillian figure you vaguely make out through a fug of cigar smoke.  A glass that you can rely on to deliver you a quality snifter, whether you're planning an invasion or your just evening's viewing!

Our fave:  Dimple Double Old Fashioned – the daddy of them all – a whisky tumbler you don’t argue with.  It’s quality – pure and simple.  The decanter and ice bucket look pretty nifty too.