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Dartington Armchair Spirits

Dartington Armchair Spirits – could be the plot of a new Stephen King novel – a branch of Furniture Village taken over by weary poltergeists in need of a sit down after all that hurling stuff around and coming out through the telly.  The reality, however, is infinitely less unsettling.  Dartington Armchair Spirit glasses are the work of award-winning Dartington designer, Matthew Persson, and have been named Gift of the Year by the Giftware Association.  Well, they should know.   Handmade with lead crystal, Dartington Armchair Spirits glasses include the Swirler brandy glass, the Sipper whisky glass and the versatile Snifter glass, suitable for enjoying the spirit of your choice.   Where, we would like to know, is the Slosh in and Gulp Down glass?  How about it, Matthew? 

Our fave:  Dartington Armchair Spirits Swirler brandy glass – we can’t resist a good swirl and this baby can swirl with the best – sit back and breathe in that brandy bouquet!