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Dartington Crystal in Devon is the UK’s only remaining crystal factory and since its launch in 1967 has established itself as the home of quality hand made lead crystal and glass.  Its reputation for outstanding design grew quickly, thanks to the iconic work of founder, Frank Thrower, and just 4 years after the Dartington factory opened its doors, his timeless design for the “Sharon” range was awarded a place at the Victoria & Albert Museum as one of the Top 100 Best British Designs. “Sharon” remains one of Dartington’s best selling crystal glasses and Frank Thrower’s design vision remains the inspiration behind all of Dartington’s stylish and sophisticated glassware. 

Add a dash of Dartington glass class to your drinks cabinet - luxury weight, brilliant sparkle and world class design.  We’ll drink to that!

Our fave: Dartington Sharon Sherry – a gorgeous glass and a decent measure.  And what lovely alliteration - it could be the hit the Rubettes never recorded!